How to fight fat fast

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No matter how hard you train, or how strict your diet is, the fact is that fat loss is plain hard work (which is probably why 95% of people give up after a few short months). Yet most people make weight loss far more complicated than it needs to be. In reality, losing fat is far easier and simpler than some people would have you believe.

The most important part of any weight loss programme is to burn more calories than you eat. Therefore, eat fewer calories and you will end up using stored bodyfat to make up the difference, ie lose weight - it’s that simple. Don’t believe anyone who says you can eat what you want and still lose weight.

Unfortunately, when you start dieting, your body starts to panic. It will do everything possible to STOP you losing any more weight by reducing your metabolic rate, making you feel tired and irritable. Your appetite will also increase, making it virtually impossible to resist the delicious food, which tempt and surround you everyday. The good news is that there are various fat-burning nutrients that make the fight against fat a lot easier to win! Thermobol is one of Britain’s top selling weight loss aids. The formula is designed to aid fat loss by increasing your metabolic rate and suppressing your appetite. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients.

Citrus Aurantium extract
Synephrine is the powerful active compound found in the fruit of a plant called Citrus Aurantium. Synephrine is chemically very similar to ephedrine, but is far safer and less likely to cause jittery side-effects. Breakthrough research published in the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that synephrine has a powerful and long-lasting effect on your metabolic rate, which means you burn more calories watching TV, sitting at your desk - even while you’re sleeping! And the more calories you burn, the faster and easier fat loss becomes. One of the extra benefits of Citrus Aurantium is the effect it has on your appetite. Studies show that octopamine (one of the other compounds in the plant) helps you feel full on fewer calories. This means you won’t suffer from the cravings, that plague virtually everyone trying to lose weight. One capsule of Thermobol contains 330 milligrams of Citrus aurantium extract, standardised to 4% synephrine. At 3 capsules a day, this delivers a potent dose.

Guarana comes from the seeds of a South American shrub - most of which originates in Brazil. The seeds of Guarana are known to be rich in caffeine, and have been widely used as a tonic in many South American countries. Guarana has a powerful effect on increasing the metabolic rate, suppressing your appetite and enhancing both physical and mental performance.
Because of its high caffeine content, Guarana is also a powerful fat-burning nutrient. Clinical trials prove that caffeine will boost the fat burning effects of exercise by up to 30% 5. More interesting still, research shows that caffeine will improve performance during short term, high intensity exercise, such as weight training 7. In fact, scientists have discovered that caffeine causes your brain to ignore pain signals - something that you’re sure to benefit from during your next leg workout. This means that Thermobol is a great supplement to use before you go to the gym. We advise taking two capsules 60 minutes before you start training. This is enough time for the caffeine to get into your system and start to exert its powerful effects. Even after you finish training, Thermobol is still working to strip away fat. Scientists from the University of Queensland found that people using caffeine burn twice as many fat calories in the hour after finishing exercise 6. Although many people like to have a strong cup of coffee in the hope that it will have the same effect, it’s well known that coffee doesn’t work as well as caffeine. Although scientists don’t really know why, it appears that one or more of the substances in coffee interferes with the effects of caffeine. One capsule of Thermobol contains 200 milligrams of Caffeine (from Guarana), which is the precise amount needed for maximum results.

White Willow Bark extract
White Willow Bark contains a source of tannins which work to enhance and increase the effectiveness of the powerful thermogenic ingredients in Thermobol. White willow bark extract also contains Salicin acid, which is the ingredient that aspirin is formed from. The inclusion of White Willow Bark extract in Thermobol is a good example of supplement synergy - the art of combining one or more supplements so they work better together compared to taking them alone. One capsule of Thermobol contains 130 milligrams of White Willow Bark extract (standardised to 15% salicin).

Green Tea extract
Thermobol contains the strongest Green Tea extract on the market (standardised to 95% polyphenols). A recent trial at the University of Geneva shows that Green Tea extract speeds up fat burning by a whopping 35% 2. In fact, in just 24 hours, green tea alone will burn more fat than you’ll find in two Mars bars! What’s more, exciting new research shows that three months of supplementation with Green Tea extract alone - without any diet or exercise - will help you lose weight and reduce the size of your waist. The study, published in the prestigious journal Phytotherapy Research, shows that as well as boosting your metabolic rate, Green tea also helps to block the absorption of fat. So, not only does Green Tea extract help you to lose the fat you’ve already got, it also reduces the amount of fat you digest and store on your waist, thighs, chest or hips. As far as your body is concerned, those extra fat calories you eat might as well never have existed! Green Tea is rich in a class of polyphenols known as catechins (pronounced kat-a-kins). The strongest catechin in Green Tea is known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It’s important to remember all of the research showing the potent effect of Green Tea on fat loss used Green Tea extract, and not the drink. Although a drink of green tea does contain a small amount of EGCG, you’d need almost 10 cups a day to reach the doses used in the research! What’s more, there’s no guarantee that the particular brand or type of Green Tea you drink will contain the precise amount of EGCG needed. Many factors, such as the time it was harvested, how it was processed, and how long it was stored, affect the potency and purity of the tea. Any type of Green Tea supplement you buy should state on the label that it contains a standardised amount of polyphenols. If it doesn’t have this information, there’s no guarantee that it will work as well as the product tested in the research. Each capsule of Thermobol, for example, contains 83 milligrams of Green Tea extract standardised to 95% polyphenols, which is why it’s so effective at speeding up weight loss.

Cayenne contains capsaicin - the compound that produces the “hot” in hot peppers. Cayenne is known for its potent effects on your metabolic rate, which is one reason why you get so hot and sweaty after eating spicy foods 3. One of the additional benefits of Cayenne is its function as a digestive aid. Cayenne increases the secretion of acids in the stomach, which increases the absorption and effectiveness of the other ingredients in Thermobol. One capsule of Thermobol contains 50 milligrams of the highest heat Cayenne pepper at 40% extract.

Naringin is a flavonoid found in grapefruits. On its own, Naringin is useless for weight loss. However, it has been shown to interfere with enzymes responsible for the breakdown of many drugs, increasing the blood level of certain compounds by enhancing both their oral uptake and increasing their half-life in the body 9. The full 25 milligrams of Naringin has been added to Thermobol to enhance the oral bioavailability of its ingredients, particularly caffeine. The main benefit of Naringin is that, as it keeps the active ingredients in Thermobol in your blood stream for that much longer, your metabolic rate will stay elevated for longer also, meaning you don�t need to use dozens of capsules to get results, just the 3 recommended unlike other diet pills and weight loss supplements that require you to take 9-12 capsules per day.

BioperineIf you don’t absorb the supplements you use, you are literally flushing your money down the drain. Although it might seem logical that the more of a supplement you use, the more you absorb, this is not always the case. High doses of some nutrients can interfere with the absorption of others - meaning that some supplements just won’t produce the results they promise. It’s for this reason Thermobol contains an ingredient known as Bioperine. Bioperine is a patented extract from black pepper fruits grown in Southern India. Clinical trials show that Bioperine (also known as piperine) can improve the bioavailability of nutrients, making them far easier for your body to absorb. In fact, animal studies show that Bioperine can increase bioavailability by an impressive 154%. One capsule of Thermobol contains 2 milligrams of Bioperine.

The key to making rapid progress with Maximuscle’s Thermobol is to use it correctly. Take 3 capsules daily, split throughout the day on an empty stomach, with water. You should expect increased energy levels, faster weight loss, and far less hunger and cravings. Thermobol works instantly, and you should feel the increase in energy just 30-60 minutes after taking one capsule. Its effect on weight loss will take a little longer (7-14 days), but when taken properly, along with a calorie controlled diet and of course 3 days a week of weight training , you can expect to lose 2-3 pounds of fat each and every week, until you reach your target weight.

Thermobol isn’t the cheapest fat-burning formula on the market. Nor is it the most expensive. Maximuscle’s position as the largest and most popular supplement company in Europe means they have the buying power to offer high-quality ingredients at the lowest prices. Be aware of formulations that are similar to Thermobol, but include only very small amounts, or inferior versions of the active ingredient. What this means is that even though the label on one of these ‘copycat’ products might say that it contains one or more of the ingredients in Thermobol, check if there’s enough of it in there, for it to have some effect.

Note: Due to the high caffeine content and potency of this product, Thermobol should not be used by anyone competing under IOC rules

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