The hidden benefits of coconuts

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Japanese researchers have shown that medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) play a vital role in helping you shed bodyfat quickly and easily.

MCT’s are a special type of fat, that are least likely to be stored as bodyfat and are treated more like a carbohydrate as energy by the body.

A team from Kagawa Nutrition University tested the effects of MCT’s on body fat in a group of healthy men and women. Subjects were split into two groups. One group used MCT’s, while the second used a different type of fat. After 12 weeks the group using MCT’s, noticed a 40% greater increase in fat loss.

Similar findings were published recently, showing that MCT’s increase fat loss while preserving lean muscle. If you want a source of pure MCT’s, you’ll find the strongest dosages in Ribomax Progain, Cyclone and Recover.

This study adds to the growing body of evidence showing that diets containing more of the good fats can speed up your metabolic rate, increase fat loss, and preserve muscle.

Tsuji H, Kasai M, Takeuchi H, Nakamura M, Okazaki M, Kondo K. (2001). Dietary medium-chain triacylglycerols suppress accumulation of body fat in a double-blind, controlled trial in healthy men and women. Journal of Nutrition, 131, 2853-2859

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