Ego training or weight training - you decide?

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Why is there this obsession with knowing how much people around you are lifting? Many newcomers to the world of bodybuilding start off on the wrong foot.

Technique is often overlooked and there is just the desire to pile on that weight and push those reps out. Even if this means holding their breath on that last repetition, pulling a face that resembles severe constipation and looking like they are auditioning for the Body Popping Championships.

I have lost count to how many times I have been asked, “How much can you bench press?” It has now got to the stage where just for my personal amusement, I try and estimate a figure that will be more than their bench weight, just to see the disappointment on their faces. The truth is, I am not impressed with how much anyone can lift until I see their technique, because that is the deciding factor for me and should be for you. If you are just starting out or currently train with very heavy weight, do not fall into the trap of just going for maximum weight, with no consideration to anything else. You will put your body at a higher risk of injury.

Use a weight that you can safely lift yourself, without bouncing the weight off your body. On a final note, have a look around the gym and see who is really working out. Is it the guy underneath the bar on the bench press or his poor spotter who is working so hard, he is actually doing a set of deadlifts, to ensure his friend can have an ego boost?

Train strictly with weights that you can lift and if that means reducing weight so be it. In the long run, you’ll experience far less injuries (if any) and pack on far more strength and lean muscle.

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Sam   |.
Hi, I am a personal trainer, you are correct in what you say in this article, I
see so many people training incorrectly, it winds me up alot. Ah well, thats
where we come in.
Good articles, keep them coming
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