The correct way to perform the deadlift

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Anyone wanting to build muscle size and strength should include the deadlift in their training routine. The deadlift helps to build size and strength in your back, thighs, hips, and forearms.

Unfortunately, the fact that many modern gyms rely far too much on machines means that exercises such as the deadlift are all too easily forgotten.

If you want to get better results than the average trainee, you’ll need to do the things most people aren’t prepared to do. And that means performing the deadlift on a regular basis!

Here are a few tips to get the most from this exercise:

1. Don’t perform the deadlift too often. Once a week is fine for most people.

2. Don’t round your back, and don’t try to keep it flat. Your back is strongest in its natural position (slightly curved). To maintain this position during the deadlift, stick your chest out, and pull your shoulder blades back.

3. Use an alternate grip on the bar. Many people find that their grip weakens too quickly, especially when they’re using a heavy weight. To strengthen your grip, take hold of the bar with one hand facing palm-up, and one facing palm-down. You’ll be able to hold on a lot longer!

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