Heard about a new product called Meta-CEL containing Phosphitol and Potentin compounds?

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Meta-CEL is a combination of Creatine, Phosphates and D-pinitol. The main benefit of combining Creatine with these other nutrients is that the amount of Creatine your muscles absorb is increased. This translates into faster muscle growth and better performance in the gym.

Some companies use large (75 grams) amounts of carbohydrate to achieve the same thing. The problem with using so much carbohydrate is that it can easily get converted into body fat. In other words, the muscle you’re working so hard to build gets hidden under a layer of flab, which you then have to train like hell to get rid of! Studies show D-pinitol, which is one of the ingredients in Meta-CEL, increases Creatine uptake to the same extent as large doses of carbohydrate.

The good news is that Maximuscle’s Creatamax 8000GL already contains D-pinitol and phosphates, both of which enhance and extend the beneficial effects of Creatine on muscle growth and performance. What’s more, Creatamax 8000GL also contains a number of other powerful ingredients, including L-Glutamine (5 grams) and Acetyl- L-carnitine (1 gram), plus a sensible amount of carbohydrate (just 22.7 grams) for added Creatine absorption ‘bang’.

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