Glutamine: Is it worth using?

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Because of the widespread (but secretive) use of anabolic drugs among top-level bodybuilders, following their training and nutrition advice is usually a complete waste of time. Unless, that is, you’re also injecting yourself with numerous growth-promoting drugs.

However, in a recent issue of Flex magazine, British bodybuilding champion J.D Dawodu gives some surprisingly good advice about a supplement he’s been using for some time.

“The most significant addition to my supplement programme in the past few years has been glutamine, especially in terms of recovery. At first, the results were subtle. I didn’t seem to notice as much soreness, and my recovery period seemed to be shortened. In the long run, though, these subtle improvements in recovery really start to add up. I notice that I don’t feel overtrained nearly as often, and the soreness is markedly decreased. Another benefit I get from glutamine is muscle fullness. It’s an excellent complement to Creatine, which I’ve been using for some time.”

Dawodu takes 5 grams of glutamine before a workout, and 5 grams afterwards. You can also take it at other times, such as before bed or after a cardiovascular workout, such as cycling. Glutamine is available from NOW Foods (L-Glutamine Powder Free Form), Maximuscle (Glutamax AKG) and ABB Foods (L-Glutamine 50).

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