How to make sure you gain muscle and not fat

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Dieting is unpleasant and tedious. It's also futile because most people gain back the weight they lost and then some. The body tries to maintain a constant weight that scientists call the weight set-point. Appetite increases and metabolism slows following even modest weight loss. Dutch researchers, including Dr. Eva Kovacs, studied the effects of protein supplements on weight gain following four weeks of a very low-calorie diet.


Subjects in the study lost five to 10 percent of their bodyweight. Consuming an extra 30 grams of protein per day prevented weight gain and increases in waist circumference. People taking the whey supplement gained lean mass (mainly muscle), while the control group gained mainly fat. Increasing whey protein intake following a weight loss diet will improve body composition, fat distribution and fuel use and prevent hunger.

Source: Muscular Development

Ed. Note: This study highlights the positive role that extra whey protein has in helping you lose fat and keep it off for good. A quick and easy way to get extra high-quality protein in your diet is with meal replacement bars and shakes. I particularly like the chocolate orange flavour Promax Meal Bars.

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