The power of Glutamine to pack on size

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Over the past few years, athletes have used a number of amino acids in an attempt to increase muscle size and strength. Most of these amino acids have vanished from the scene as quickly as they arrived, with one notable exception L-glutamine. In fact, glutamine just gets more and more popular. Not surprising, especially when you realise that glutamine has so many different but important benefits for hard training bodybuilders and athletes.

Glutamine is made in your body in large amounts. However, stress (such as training or illness) increases your bodies demand for glutamine to the extent it cannot make enough. This will limit muscle growth, lower your hormone levels, and weaken your immune system. Even worse, low levels of Glutamine promotes muscle breakdown. What will extra Glutamine do for you?

1. Glutamine is anti-catabolic
Glutamine is highly anti-catabolic. This means that it prevents muscle from being broken down and converted into energy. This is very important during times of stress when muscle breakdown increases. Every time your body is subjected to stress, whether it’s due to hard training, stress at work, or illness, your body releases cortisol. Cortisol is a powerful hormone that breaks down your muscle tissue. During hard training sessions, your glutamine stores can fall by as much as 50%. Glutamine has proven so effective at preventing muscle breakdown, it is used in hospitals throughout Europe to treat patients with severe muscle wastage.

2. Glutamine has powerful anabolic effects
Not only is Glutamine anti-catabolic, it is also highly anabolic. Studies have shown that just two grams of glutamine 45 minutes after a light meal is enough to stimulate the release of growth hormone by nearly 400% in 89% of all men in the study. This makes glutamine a great nutrient to add to other hormone releasing substances (such as GABA) to make one powerful anabolic formula. That’s why you’ll find glutamine combined with the other great growth hormone releaser GABA in GH Kick.

3. Creatine-like effects
Creatine may not be the only supplement to promote rapid gains in lean muscle. Glutamine works in a similar way, by acting as a potent cell volumizer. Adding glutamine to your diet will increase the glutamine content of your muscle cells, causing them to swell in size. This serves as a powerful trigger for muscle growth, in addition, it also makes your muscles look a lot more pumped, fuller and hard!

4. Glutamine speeds recovery

Exercise robs your body of its energy fuel (glycogen). Just as driving your car burns petrol, the harder you train the more energy you burn. Research has shown that supplementing with glutamine helps to rapidly replace the glycogen you lose during training, increasing recovery, as high amounts of plasma glutamine is essential for optimum glycogen storage.

5. Training dramatically depletes Glutamine
Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue, making up 50% of all total free amino acids in muscle tissue. It is the most depleted amino acid during intense training. Supplementing with glutamine or a glutamine rich whey protein such as Biomax delivers your body with vital glutamine supplies and BCAA amino acids, research proven to keep painful lactic acid at bay longer, reduce muscle soreness after training and reduce muscle breakdown.

6. Glutamine strengthens your immune system and suppresses pain.
Research shows that Glutamine is a powerful immune system booster. Training induced illness and overtraining can be a direct result of glutamine deficiency, leading to burn-out, illness, colds, flu and loss of muscle tissue. Supplementing with glutamine is a powerful and effective way to keep over training at bay or to recover from it, whilst staying as healthy and illness free as possible, especially during the high Cortisol months of winter, when your body is most at risk from getting ill. Research by Jain, P, even shows that high dosages are as effective as aspirin as a pain reliever. So next time you’ve got a headache or are feeling ill, whack down glutamine and not Aspirin, you could recover faster and trigger muscle growth at the same time!

How to supplement with Glutamine…

You’ve seen how effective and important the amino acid Glutamine is. Now you need to know how to consume it. You could take pure Glutamine on its own, but this can be very expensive. A far better and cheaper way is to obtain it from certain high quality whey proteins, as opposed to casein, which contains no glutamine. The strongest whey protein blend on the market is Biomax and you’ll see why. Each 100gms of Biomax contain: 7gms of L-glutamine per 100gms, 12gms of glutamic acid (which converts to glutamine with the body) and a whopping 22.7 gms of Branch chain amino acids, (which are used for glutamine production with the body.) As you can clearly see, there is no stronger whey protein than Biomax for glutamine levels on the market place. Biomax is contained with Maximuscle’s, Recover, Cyclone, Ribomax, Promax, Progain and Max-meal ranges. However if you buy Promax or Progain you also get the added benefit of further added special Glutamine peptides and OKG, the most potent version of glutamine ever sold.

Consuming a high quality whey protein, such as Promax on a daily basis provides your body with enough glutamine to boost muscle growth, strengthen your immune system, and dramatically reduce the risk of overtraining. Are you taking the right protein powder?

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