Beta- Ecdysterone -what it is? Does it have any research?

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Ecdysterone has been around since the late 1980’s. It was known from this time that Ecdysterone is an extremely effective muscle-builder, but it never received much attention because there was no cost-effective way to extract the high quality pharmaceutical grade that worked really well. It’s only in the last 18 months that companies have developed a way to extract concentrated Ecdysterone standardised up to 97%!

To understand why Ecdysterone is so potent, you need to know a little more about how your muscles grow. Think of your muscles like the tyres on a car. When you fill a tyre with air, it gets bigger. The same thing happens to your muscles. When they fill with protein, they grow in size and strength. Scientists call this process ‘protein synthesis’. Without an increase in protein synthesis, you simply won’t grow at all.

One well controlled study by top Russian researchers found that when the steroid Dianabol and the nutrient Beta-Ecdysterone where compared against each other for strength, it was found that their protein synthesis abilities were nearly equal. Beta-Ecdysterone was also found to be highly anabolic and found to increase both the size and strength of the muscles.

Russian research published in the Scientific Sports Bulletin shows equally impressive results. A group of 78 elite athletes were assigned to one of three groups. The first group made no changes to their diet. Group two consumed a high-protein diet. Group three combined a high-protein diet with Ecdysterone. The group making no changes to their diet actually lost muscle, while athletes on the high-protein diet showed a slight increase in muscle mass. However, those using protein plus Ecdysterone showed a 6-7% increase in lean muscle tissue with a 10% reduction in fat!

Although Ecdysterone needs more research to convince the sceptics, it looks to be a very promising ingredient to pack on muscle size and strength. Maybe it will be the new Creatine - only time will tell. To ensure you don’t miss out on this exciting product, I’m sure you won’t mind us including at no extra cost to you, the highest potency of pure 97% Beta- Ecdysterone in Maximuscle’s latest 2003 version of Testo- Kick. You also get Tribulus Terrestris (with a whopping 68% protodioscin level - the most potent on the market) and ZMA to increase testosterone levels, muscle growth and strength. Maximuscle’s new 2003 version of Cyclone also contains at no extra cost to you, 97% Beta-Ecdysterone, along with the highest levels of Glutamine and other powerful muscle building ingredients to make it without a doubt the strongest ‘all-in-one’ muscle building formula on the market place. These new Ecdysterone spike 2003 Cyclone and Testo-kick versions are available now!

Because Ecdysterone is so effective at increasing protein synthesis, you will need extra protein in your diet to get the maximum benefit. Two or three extra servings of Promax each day will provide an additional 50-80 grams of the finest blend of whey protein, which will provide your body with the building blocks it needs to build muscle. Then again you could take Maximuscle’s new Promax Extreme that is even more potent than Promax and also contains Ecdysterone!

I’ve noticed that some American supplements now contain a protein called micellar casein. Is this any better than whey? If so, why don’t you use it?

You’re right that many US companies are including micellar casein in their meal replacements. However, this decision is based on the fact that - compared to high-quality whey protein - casein is a relatively cheap ingredient. And cheap ingredients mean higher profits! Although casein is the latest nutritional fad, all the interest stems from a few studies of inactive men and women. The truth is that none of the research shows that casein was more effective than whey at increasing muscle mass.

In fact, in one of the few relevant studies to compare whey and casein directly, scientists from Australia have confirmed that whey protein isolate (the same kind of high-quality protein used in all Maximuscle products, such as Promax and Progain) is far superior to casein for muscle growth.

Thirteen subjects were given either whey isolate or casein while they took part in a weight-training program for ten weeks. Results showed that the whey isolate was more effective at increasing muscle mass. Test subjects using whey gained over 10 pounds of muscle, while those using casein gained only 2 pounds. Those using whey also gained more strength, although both proteins seemed to prevent the typical drop in plasma glutamine levels that occurs with exercise. Although high-quality whey protein isolate is more expensive to manufacture, these results show just how effective it is compared to casein.

Unfortunately many supplement brands, just copy trends and never bother to read any of the literature or invest any research into finding out what works or doesn’t. Get educated and don’t be fooled!

Cribb, P. J., Williams, A. D., Hayes, A., & Carey, M. F. (2002) The effect of whey isolate and resistance training on strength, body composition, and plasma glutamine. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34, S1688

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