The best way to absorb more creatine without filling yourself with sugar

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It's a fact that for Creatine to be fully absorbed, it should be taken with a simple carbohydrate (such as dextrose). This raises insulin levels, force-feeding Creatine into the muscle for quicker and more effective results. However, many formulas are loaded with almost 100 grams of sugar per serving. What’s the point of adding half a stone of pure muscle, if it then gets hidden under a layer of flab?

One exciting new ingredient is D-pinitol, an incredible anabolic nutrient with insulin-like effects, driving Creatine, Glutamine and other muscle-building nutrients into your muscle cells. Not only does this increase muscle growth, it also accelerates recovery by forcing more energy-dense carbohydrates into your muscles, allowing more intense, result-producing workouts.

The incredible effects of Pinitol have been described by noted experts such as Dr. Daniel Gwartney, M.D. Writing in Ironman magazine, Gwartney points out that “… of all the proposed so-called insulin mimickers and insulin co-factors, pinitol is the one with the most promise.” The power of Pinitol has been known by top US experts for some time - it’s even been awarded two U.S. Patents (#5,550,166 and #5,827,896).

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