Cyclone - a muscular solution?

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By John Hortel (reprinted with kind permission of ‘Pump It’ publication)

For a lot of guys, muscle growth can be a painfully slow process. They bust a gut three or four times a week in the gym, eat all the right foods, and have little or nothing to show for it.

You could spend ten hours a day doing shoulder presses galore in the gym but if you don’t let the right nutrients pass your lips, you’ll never get the kind of body you want so badly.

One of the most popular ‘all-in-one’ sports nutrition products on the market today is Cyclone by Maximuscle. It claims to combine all the best muscle-building ingredients in one product. Like everyone, I’m very skeptical of these kind of claims, and I don’t want to waste time and money on stuff that just doesn’t work. So, I took a closer look at the ingredients to see if Cyclone stands up to close scrutiny.

Each daily serving of Cyclone contains 10 grams of Creatine, which is one of the most effective nutrients legally available. There is actually a lot of research (I was surprised by the sheer number of studies) to show that Creatine will help you build muscle more quickly. In fact, one study I found shows that Creatine users gained weight four times faster than those who trained without it 4. Some people also claim that it gives your muscles a fuller, more “pumped” look, but I couldn’t find any research to back this up, just a lot of positive feedback from people who’ve tried it.

Like Creatine, HMB has been the subject of a lot of research over the past few years. According to one source, HMB has appeared in no less than 730 newspaper and magazine articles in the United States alone. The idea is that it helps you recover more quickly from your workouts, which means faster gains in muscle strength. Recent trials show that just three weeks of HMB supplementation boosted strength gains by an impressive 20% 12.

One study I found shows that Creatine and HMB appear to work better together than either nutrient taken alone. The combination of Creatine and HMB was found to be over 30% more powerful than HMB alone at increasing strength. Not only did test subjects using HMB and Creatine get stronger faster, they also found it easier to gain muscle. In fact, the group using Creatine and HMB gained three times more muscle than those using HMB alone.

Whey Protein
Protein is really important if you want to gain muscle mass. If you don’t provide your body with enough protein, it doesn’t have the raw materials it needs to grow. It’s like trying to build a house without any bricks. Whey protein is a very high-quality form of protein derived from milk. It has a very high biological value, is rich in essential amino acids, and is also low in fat. Many athletes use whey protein for its beneficial effects on muscle growth. The whey protein in Cyclone is an exclusive blend of Whey proteins called Biomax™, licenses to Maximuscle.

Glutamine is a very popular amino acid, and is considered essential for muscle growth, as it’s the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. One thing I found out that surprised me was that doctors and clinicians regularly use it to treat patients with illness, injury or infection. It appears to work by boosting production of powerful anabolic hormones such as insulin, growth hormone and testosterone 3.

I couldn’t find out much about Beta-ecdysterone, (also known as Suma or Brazilian ginseng extract), other than some Russian research showing it helps to increase protein synthesis and muscle growth. A group of 78 elite athletes were assigned to one of three groups. The first group made no changes to their diet. Group two consumed a high-protein diet. Group three combined a high-protein diet with Beta-Ecdysterone. The group making no changes to their diet lost muscle, while athletes on the high-protein diet showed a slight increase in muscle mass. However, those using protein plus Ecdysterone showed a 6-7% increase in lean muscle tissue with a 10% reduction in fat.

Chromium is an essential trace mineral that helps the body maintain normal blood sugar levels. I found a few human and animal studies showing that chromium increases fat loss and promotes muscle gain. Some bodybuilders also claim that chromium gives them greater pumps, vascularity and muscle fullness.

Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) are a class of fatty acids found in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and butter. They are different from other fats in that they’re digested and absorbed much faster than conventional fats (in fact, as rapidly as carbohydrate) and are immediately available for energy.

Bioperine™ is a standardized piperine extract obtained from the fruits of the black pepper and/or long pepper plants. T’s not designed to lose fat or build muscle, rather, the main effect of Bioperine™ appears to be to enhance the bioavailability of various nutrients consumed with it, allowing you to get better effects with the same dosages.

So, that’s the science behind it. But what I really wanted to know is does it work?

Using Cyclone
Cyclone does work, though I do have a couple of reservations about it, which I’ll explain in a moment. As with anything, you need to use Cyclone properly to see the best results. I recommend taking 2 servings a day, one in the morning between breakfast and lunch, and then one in the afternoon or after your evening workout.

I didn’t really notice anything for the first couple of days, but on day 3 (chest and back) I started getting these really insane pumps in my chest. It felt like it was going to explode! Even my back and shoulders, which don’t normally get pumped at all, seemed really tight. It was an awesome feeling!

When I stepped on the scales after 14 days, I’d gained about 8 pounds. Obviously, I was eating a good diet and training hard 3 times a week. Don’t expect these products to be magic pills, you have to train hard and eat more protein, so you can convert it into extra muscle.

Cyclone certainly isn’t cheap. But when I worked out how much all the individual ingredients cost, using Cyclone actually works out a lot cheaper than buying them all separately. It also comes in 5 flavours, interestingly an Orange flavour, which sounded strange, but tasted really good.

This is one of the few products I have given 5 out 5 stars. Shame it is not a little cheaper, but there isn’t anything else like it.

Buy 3 Cyclone for only £99 - saving £32.97

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mark allen   |.
i enjoyed your article,very informative ,it really helps to have good
information,and sound advice to help people achieve their goals thank you very
much ,i look forward to more articles mark allen martial artist,and keen weight
chris   |.
i have recently bought the cyclone product but havent used it yet but, i am
confident enought that it will work now after readin the article.
vic vernengo   |.
a good informative article and i agree with John it is over priced. there are
folks out there who try to build but are out priced,therefore they look for
cheaper ways and concequently end up buying poor substitutes and probably lose
interest because they are not geting results. Maxi's are good products.
John Kirk   |.
Yes I would say that Cyclone does work big time last year i bought my first tub
of cyclone, and working hard with weights, started to take it as perscribed,
after a month of this i was in the sitting room with out my top, my son walked
in he was convinced i was taking steriods i had put on so much muscle, seeing
myself every day i did not think alot, but both my kids were very alarmed and
told me to take a doctors advice i had just gone so big. "works a
treat" Thanks
Simon   |.
Great article, thank you for the useful information. i have just started using
cyclone and am starting to feel that 'pump'
Will Hudson   |.
I've used alot of maximuscle products and not one of them have dissopionted me,
i encourage all my mates in the army that are taking 'cheap' products to try
maximuscle for real results, they also never go back, Cyclone is what im taking
at the moment and it does exactly what is says on the tub, im more than happy
with cyclone i take it as instructed and i've noticed massive strength gains and
mad muscle pumps that last! i've been taking it now for 2 months and have added
3inch to my biceps alone, i find the chocolate flavour very nice, highly
recommend this product to anyone.
dave   |.
tryed strawberry Poor taste sorry couldnt stick to it long enough. thinking
about giving it a second chance and try the orange flavour have a few friends
that rave about it so may see how that goes. With all the facts stated in the
article i think it would be worth while.
Mark McGookin   |.
Hi there, very interesting article, really does answer some excellent questions
I for one have been trying to find a definitive, unbias, answer to.

Andy   |.
I have been using Cyclone for a couple of years now and it works a treat! when i
first started using it i couldnt stand the taste, so i swapped the water for
milk and added a scoop of peanut butter too, i actually enjoy drinking it now!!
James Edwards   |.
Been thinking of taking cyclone for a while now and am extremly confident in
maxi. products and that it'll work. But how have people found things once they
stop taking cyclone?? I've heard you loose weight when you stop taking creatine
due to the water creatine has encouraged into your muscles leaving, but what
about the weight you have put on in muscle mass?? Do you find you lose this
too?? As seeing as you work so hard to get it hopefully it stays??? Any answers
posted would be much appreciated. Thanx
Junior   |.
I've used Cyclone on a cutting cycle throughout the summer (9 weeks). When I
started using cyclone I was 18st6, when I finish I was 17st12. It definetly
works for maintainence on low calorie diets whilst adding on solid gains but not
so much size, but personaly I wouldn't use this product for bulking, you can't
beat pure whey protein for bulk and weight gains. Just eat countless calories
(at least 2g of protein per pound of body weight) and train hard at least 4
times a week and get the rest your body needs in order to grow. All in all
MaxiMuscle are brilliant products.
Leigh Gillatt   |.
I've used Cyclone on and off since the stuff came on to the market years ago.
Since then Cyclone has had a number of little changes over the years, I must say
all of which were an improvement on the previous formulas. Personally I dont
think you can beat Cyclone as an all in one product for packing on some mass
fast, I know the taste takes some getting used to, but hey, if your serious
about your training then this is a serious product to add to it! I recommend
using Cyclone as a training plateaux 'smasher'. If I hit a plateaux I use
Cyclone for a month to help me get through this stage and continue gaining in
strength and size! It works!
David Hines   |.
I can safely say I have used it (and paid for it!!) and its worth every penny if
you want to get that ripped look and increase strength use it. Orange is the
best flavour and while agree its not the best for gaining weight its purpose is
to increase strength and muscle mass which I found it did perfectly, no layer
over the six pack but your arms feel fuller and your workouts are easier.... try
it for 1 month with no breaks or cheating and you will see for your self. Good
ben   |.
cyclone can be cycled, i like to cycle it with other products, like Methoxy Max
or gakic and then come back to cyclone after i habve tried something else for a
bit, that way i feel as if my body does not get used to it and i am always
shocking it.
james edwards   |.
Thanx for some answers! So after using Cyclone for say a month and then coming
off it. Have you found you keep your muscle gains? Or do you have to stay on
Chris   |.
Let me repeat what everyone has already said - Cyclone is great! I've used it in
the past and was impressed with the results. I do however believe in
transparency and if you eat a varied nutritious protein loaded diet, combined
with protein powder & creatine, you can achieve much the same results. The
effects of Creatine can diminish though with continued use so it is sometimes
worth having some time off. This site is a good knowledge base and very
informative. Maximuscle has a great range of products.
Anish   |.

Does Cyclone need to be cycled? I.E take for 4 weeks, take 2 week break
without cyclone then back on for another 4 weeks?



henry   |.
how safe is creatine? does it do damage to kidneys?
Fred   |.
No damage to kidneys, you can find articles on that on the net. Absolutely safe

As for my Cyclone experience, here's what I wrote to someone else,
quite valid I think:

>>I started using Cyclone 1.5month ago.
Don't ask me to
tell you my figures in inches and stuff, but I gained 7.6Kg in 1.5months.
trust me I was skinny!!!! 60kg for 1.90m!
Now, 67.6kg for 1.90m! not sure if
I'll continue to grow at the same speed but I'm quite amazed myself with he
results. Obviously this is not only the result of taking Cyclone, I'm eating lot
more than before as well, and I'm going to the gym since beginning of March, I
try to go 4 times a week for 1 hour (no need to do more for me as otherwise I'd
be burning too many cals and that would have the opposite effect).

Hope this

errmmm, also, I'm 31yo True Cyclone is expensive, but all in
all, a good product, I'm sure>>
MikeTM   |.
I was a complete novice wen i started working out to protien and cratine all
supplements, i was recomended to use cyclone becuase it takes all the fuss out
of supplements in one drink Brilliant for me as i was confused with all the
supplemnts cheers guys
Daniel   |.
Another thing also, I was wondering if the way i take cyclone during my working
week is ok or not. I work nightshifts, when i get home in the morning before
going to bed (8am) i have 60g serv of cyclone with milk for slow digestion while

I wake up around 3.30-4pm have porrage oats with promax natural.
and train from roughly 5pm-6/6.15pm then drink cyclone straight away with water.
Cant train any later as I need to recover/eat before work again!

Do you think
that method is best (thinking the recovery side of it being in my system while
sleeping) or one when i wake up and after training close together?. Proberly
wont make much difference...but i would like someones opinion please :)
jose   |.
hi there i just start drinking cyclone, and im looking forword to see the working so ward in the gym.
Mark S   |.
I am naturally suspicious of all supplements and particularly one endorsed on a
website sponsored by the company that makes it. However, I have worked out
after using Cyclone (and not using it) many times over the past few years and
report that it does appear to have a positive effect and helps me to make a few
extra reps on training days when I have taken it. On the downside, it is
expensive and certain flavours give me serious wind. I would advise all readers
to try it if they haven't already done so but no supplement by itself will turn
a bad diet/trg routine/lifestyle into a good one.
Francis Moles   |.

Have read through all the comments on your article. I have a very
active interest in this subject as I have been getting back into training now
since March of this year (I am 58 years old).

I had two main goals; (1) to
loose weight and (2) to buiuld. To satify these requirements I have taken both
Maximuscles Therembol and Cyclone. A lot of people will say that you can not
reduce and build at the same time but I would have to differ - the mirror is the
most useful tool in my arsenal and it shows the results of the combined
combination of training hard and suppliments and has most certainly worked for

I trialed Cyclone for approximately three months (three tubs) and have
noticed quite large increases in my overall physic.
Mike   |.
When I first started using Cyclone about 7 or 8 years ago I made amazing gains.
I was training very hard and it certainly made a difference. The only problem
was the taste - it was so awful I used to have to hold my nose to drink it. In
the end I just couldn't bring myself to drinking it anymore. I went back to it
again last year and although the gains weren't as great (I guess I'm older) it
still is a great supplement. The taste is still just as bad which is the only
thing that stops me drinking it. Too sweet and full of artifical sweetener.
Haven't tried the orange flavour though. If they could sort out the taste, it
would be perfect.
ryan   |.
just orderd cyclone orange and as i used to take maxipower orange and liking the
flavoure i hope the flavoure doesnt differ much with cyclone.
i found maxipower
to give me good pumps but cyclone seems to give it you all round your body and
with the protien will also aid in my fat loss.
having raised my metabolism very
high and working out 45 mins a day i am hoping to shred pounds every week and
still be able to add big pumps to my arms.
im not on a diet i eat what i want
when i need food and no other times, on training days i will have a completly
protien day were all i eat is meat fish and eggs.
is it good to take cyclone
about a hour before training and 10 mins after or 1 hour before training and sip
it during training?
aaron   |.
I have to agree with Craig, although in terms of value for money, I think
Cyclone is very good. Bearing in mind it contains good amounts of creatine,
glutamine and HMB it makes cyclone a good all round supliment........
Campbell   |.
Hi folks, I used Cyclone a few months ago for 1month & WOW! what an
improvement! As for size/strength loss, as for size - not much loss if you keep
training, as for strength - much the same, I did notice I didn't lift quite as
heavy off Cyclone as I can on, but on Cyclone after 1month I pushed my Bench
Press up from 40kg to 65kg, Bicep Curl up from 20kg to 35kg, Tricep Dip up from
body weight to needing desperatly to buy a dip belt.
I hope this helps, I will
be starting Cyclone again in a couple of days, along with other supps as the
6-pack stack.
kenny   |.
cyclone and no explode is one of the most expensive stack but the best for
record time results. i rate cyclone over no explode becuase the pumps u get from
no explode are just un real . it makes u wonder whats the point . thats not what
im building for . i guess arnie and i are a lil different in that aspect. the
pump isnt like ejaculation for me . Getthing back to the point . the biggest
plus for using cyclone is the record time i put on weight . a whooping 4kgs in 2
weeks . its my fav body building supplement and ive been using it since 2001.
its effect declined after 4months so u have to cycle it . but ive come from 65
to 85 kgs since 2003. im stacking it with no explode and the biggest plus in
this stack is that my recovery time has never been better. i can now spend upto
3 hours in the gym doing my programs and my focus is alot better. i do recommned
this stack to any one with cash to burn . it costs 60 pounds for 3 weeks ...
ryan   |.
has anyone tried adding orange juice or anythin to the orange flavour or not?
just wondering if it has any effect on the powder or not? cos it would make it
taste better.

ash   |.
I've just started using the vanilla flavour, and I might be missing something
here but I think it tastes quite nice! I'm at a stage where I'm 4 weeks into my
6 week programme and I'm hoping that the Cyclone helps me beast the last couple
of weeks before I move my training around. Problem areas are currently my
biceps, so I'm hoping for a lift on these. Will report back!
Gurjot   |.
I've been using Promax Strawberry in conjuction with Cyclone and been lifting
Serious weights aswell as including cardio. I feel great faster, stronger and
noticed major improvements in my Physic I recomend them to all Serious Weight
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