How to choose the right supplement for you

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If you’re new to supplements, browsing through the Maximuscle catalogue may seem a little over-whelming or confusing. The purpose of this article is to clearly explain what the best products are to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s; building muscle, lose fat, rehydration after an intense rugby match or just some energy boosters for the gym and how to use them.

Here’s a few easy pointers…

Core products:

Whatever your gym goals, extra protein is essential if you want to see results. Without an abundance of high quality protein, such as whey your body will not have the extra protein needed to repair and increase muscle size. Those doing intense cardio or endurance work like running or cycling, also need extra protein to avoid losing muscle and looking unhealthy. Research suggests you need to consume up to 2g of protein per kg of body mass). I recommend taking 3 scoops of Promax daily (a high quality whey protein powder), take a scoop at breakfast, lunch and before bed. If you want a more powerful protein powder with other muscle growth ingredients in it, Promax Extreme is popular. If you’re female and looking to slim and tone, then you also need protein to create the toned look your desire, and Promax Diet, a protein powder with added fat burning ingredients is very effective and popular.

Weight Gain

For those trainers who struggle to gain muscle and size, due to a lack of calories or a fast metabolic rate, a weight gainer is a must. A weight gainer will provide the calories, protein and fuel to drive muscle growth. Progain is an advanced weight gainer; with protein, complex carbs, healthy fats and 508 calories per serving. Its fast, easy digestion will allow you to quickly add calories and size. For those trainers looking for the ultimate way to increase muscle and size - Progain Extreme is your best bet, with high amounts of creatine, HMB and glutamine added to ensure optimum muscle growth.

Energy and recovery

All good workouts need energy. A training session or game where you are too tired or can’t give your best is a waste and will deliver poor results. Those looking for a powerful pre-training boost will not go wrong with our strongest energy drink; Viper extreme  - a very effective product that works within 15mins, and will add the intensity you are looking for. If you want effective hydration during a long, hot training session, Viper will be your best bet, when mixed accordingly. Taking fast digesting carbs and protein immediately after your workout or game is vital to maximise recovery for peak performance. Recovermax is your ‘all in one’ recovery product, supported by science that will really delivers results after every training session or game.

Lean muscle

I explained before that extra protein is vital for maximum muscle and size, but you must not ignore the evidence behind proven muscle builders; like whey protein, Creatine, HMB and Glutamine, which deliver excellent results for those looking to pack on size fast. Cyclone is our no.1 selling muscle building product that will deliver excellent lean muscle results. Just take a scoop in the morning and one after training or in the evening. Cyclone contains 12 potent ingredients designed to support your muscle building goals. Remember though, those that want extra calories should stick to Progain extreme, which provides the same potent ingredients, but with more calories.

Fat Loss

Burning fat and losing weight are achieved through; consuming more calories than you consume. You can do this by training hard and burning off more calories, eating less or taking effective products that stimulate the metabolic rate, reduce appetite and generally help this process and your goals. If you’re looking to burn fat; I recommend Promax Diet, combined with Thermobol and CLA-1000 for maximum results. This combination is ideal whether you’re male or female. Those wanting to pack on lean muscle and gain some definition around their abs, should use Cyclone and Thermobol.

Keeping Healthy

Achieving your physique goals is dependent upon regular training. However, the stress of a busy life, public transport, pollution, junk food or even over training can quickly stress your immune system, leaving you feeling run-down and catching colds and illness. I recommend that anyone investing time into training hard, take Protrient - a potent multi-nutrient supplement that will support your immune system and ensure you are training harder for longer and not lying in bed, watching your gains waste away! For those that are involved in impact sports that stress your joints, like squash, tennis, rugby, etc… Ache-free is particularly popular, along with Immune Support for those times in the year when it appears everyone is catching a cold and you don’t want to.
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