Are there stronger and more effective forms of Creatine than Monohydrate for building muscle & size?

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Can new forms of creatine, such as creatine gluconate, along with bicarbonate alkaline buffers, increase muscle, strength and size goals for bodybuilders, gym trainers and endurance and power athletes...

I've lost count of the number of studies done on Creatine, that have been passed my way over the past decade, with over 100 listing the nutrient's amazing effects on muscle growth, strength, power and endurance, not to mention 100% safety. Here’s a summary of what Creatine can offer…

  • Boost strength, muscle and endurance.
  • Increase muscle cell volume and trigger muscle growth.
  • Improve endurance for footballers, runners, endurance runners, etc
  • Boost power for weight trainers, rugby and other power sports
  • Help maintain muscle mass when dieting and 'getting ripped'.
  • Burst through training plateaus.
  • Aid exercise recovery.

Over the last few years, scientists seem to have run out of ways to explore uses for Creatine monohydrate, with researchers now focusing on new versions of Creatine that could potentially offer greater absorption, uptake and results.

Research has found that combining Creatine with various other ingredients can make a big difference in uptake and therefore your gym or sporting results. This new research has focused on; Creatine gluconate, chelated magnesium and phosphate buffers with interesting results.

Creatine monohydrate absorption
Creatine is a naturally occurring muscle compound protein made of the amino acids; arginine, glycine and methionine, and it's an essential requirement for explosive power caused by the conversion of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to adenosine diphosphate (ADP) during exercise. Boosting levels of creatine supplies your muscles with an enhanced ability to replenish and synthesis ATP – and that's why it helps you lift more reps and more weight, sprint for longer at maximum intensity and enhance endurance [1].

On top of all this – there's significant evidence that creatine plays a part in stimulating insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) by affecting gene expression [2]. In addition – creatine can give muscles a pumped look, thanks to it's cell volumising effects (there's some thought that the muscle stretch achieved also triggers protein synthesis).

Now – any type of increased creatine intake (even from food such as steak) can potentially increase muscle creatine levels. However, you'd need to eat large amounts of expensive and heavy calorie steaks to receive just 5gms of creatine.

1. Absorption
Creatine monohydrate is absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall. However, this process is not instant and creatine has an affinity to suck in water (especially if you're someone who doesn't efficiently absorb creatine). This can cause stomach upset in some people using large dosages, and it's speculated that some creatine is excreted and never makes it to your bloodstream, let alone your muscle cells. It is important to state, that many trainers and athletes do absorb creatine monohydrate extremely well and seem to be able to maximise creatine levels easily – however, others are known as 'non-responders', and this is where the researchers are focusing on for benefit of both groups.

2. Muscle up-take & insulin
Assuming at least some creatine monohydrate makes it into your bloodstream – insulin, a naturally occurring hormone is needed for Creatine to be fully absorbed into the muscle. This natural insulin release can be triggered by consuming high amounts of simple sugar (such as dextrose) – typically around 20-30 grams. Pre and post training this is not an issue, as it will help training energy and recovery, but you may not want to consume large amounts of simple sugars out of this period, as it could be seen as excess calories which is converted to fat.

This is where the benefits of Creatine gluconate, chelated magnesium and high alkaline phosphates buffers could offer far greater uptake than conventional monohydrate and therefore more muscle and strength results.

The nutrients in Creatamax X4 offer potentially greater results than regular creatine monohydrate, making it work for non-responders too.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Creatine digestion

The matrix of ingredients in Creatamax X4 are designed to enhance the digestion and utilisation of creatine. Primarily, Creatamax X4 contains creatine ions bonded to glucose ions (creatine gluconate). This could dramatically enhance the absorption of creatine into the blood stream, because glucose is rapidly diffused and there is no need to suck in water as with regular creatine.

However, there's another potential problem in the digestive tract, and that's stomach acid, which causes creatine to rapidly convert to the waste product creatinine in low ph acidic environments, meaning more Creatine is needed than normal to achieve your desired results. Creatamax X4 contains a patented magnesium chelate and high alkaline phosphate blend, specifically designed to promote a higher pH alkaline environment, to reduce creatine breakdown and thus allowing greater levels of creatine monohydrate and gluconate to pass directly into the blood. Magnesium chelate is also thought to potentially increase the results of creatine, by helping creatine transportation and uptake into the muscle.

Each 5g serving of Creatamax contains

  • Creatine gluconate -                 2.4g
  • Creatine monohydrate -            2.4g
  • Potassium bicarbonate -            50mg
  • Sodium bicarbonate -               50mg
  • Chelated magnesium -              50mg

Step 2: Muscle creatine up-take

It appears from research, that Creatamax X4 could deliver pure creatine to your bloodstream with far less wastage or digestive distress – but what about the all-important step of saturating your muscles, allowing creatine to promote strength, muscle and endurance? Well, remember that the creatine in Creatamax X4 contains a special glucose-creatine bond, and that means when the ion bonds split in the bloodstream – you get a spike of insulin that help drives both the glucose and creatine into your muscles.

Importantly, the creatine-glucose (gluconate) bonding means that creatine is far more likely to be in the bloodstream when the insulin spike is triggered. What's more, less carbs are needed thanks to the efficiency of the gluconate, meaning X4 offers potentially far greater results.

X4 could now offer you:

  • Far more Creatine levels to reach your muscle cells
  • Greater creatine saturation levels than normal monohydrate
  • Maximum impact on your muscle and performance and goals.
  • No need to consume huge amounts of simple sugars
  • Much less creatine breakdown and wastage
  • High impact results

Current research on regular creatine monohydrate shows that it can boost maximal strength and power by 5 to 15%, maximal weights sets by 5 to 15%, single sprint performance by 1 to 5% and repetitive sprint performance by 5 to 15% [3]. In addition, long-term creatine usage enhances strength, running performance and muscle mass. However, it looks increasingly likely that when the research is published, creatine gluconate and phosphate buffers in formulas such as X4, could show results even more impressive with less creatine amounts required than monohydrate.

How do you take Creatamax X4 for optimum results?
Creatamax X4 is extremely versatile – meaning it can be used by everyone from regular gym users, to body builders, sports players and elite athletes. It’s also equally as effective for aiding muscle mass or endurance – you just need to use the right dosage.

Muscle and power dosage:
For Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Strongmen: To aid muscle size and strength goals: Take 5g daily mixed in your energy, protein or weight gain drink; (ie Promax, Viper, Recovermax, Progain, Promax Meal, Promax Diet), 2 times a day for the first 5 days. Thereafter take 5g morning and evening (or after training) mixed as above. X4 should not be mixed with existing products containing creatine, unless you want to boost the creatine levels yet further.

Endurance dosage:
For Runners, Athletes, Cyclists: To aid endurance, stamina and energy goals without muscle bulk, (No loading dose required) Mix 2.5g with your preferred drink.

The versatility of Creatamax X4 means you can drink it instantly with water or add it to any sports nutrition drink or shake. For example, it can be taken post workout with a high carb beverage such as Viper or Recovermax, or at breakfast time with a protein shake (either way the results are excellent).


Creatamax X4 Q&A:

Q: Is Creatamax X4 better than creatine monohydrate?
High-grade creatine monohydrate remains a great nutrient, and there are many excellent sports nutrition products containing it (such as Cyclone, Recovermax and Progain Extreme). However, the leading sport scientists indicate that the combination of ingredients in Creatamax X4 may be superior to regular creatine monohydrate, most clearly in terms of the speed and quality of creatine absorption and muscle uptake (great for 'non-responders'), and thus those people that can afford a more advanced creatine and want to experiment with the cutting edge of Creatine’s can now add it to their favourite products.

Are all ‘second generation’ Creatine products the same?
No, there are many products claiming to be better than monohydrate, often with wild claims, strange names and pseudo science. Our research indicates, that there are few products better than the original, tried and tested monohydrate. The one creatine that does seem to make sense is Creatine gluconate and the nutrients that do seem to make a difference are Phosphates when added to Creatine – all are combined within Creatamax X4.  Creatamax X4 is the only formula containing the unique blend of creatine gluconate with a patented Albion Magnesium and unique high ph alkaline bicarbonate creatine delivery system.

Who should take Creatamax X4?

Anyone serious about training or performance – whether you're looking for muscle growth, speed, power or endurance. If you desire fast results from a creatine product, or have hit a training plateau.

Is it safe?
A huge volume of research shows that acute and long-term creatine supplementation is 100% safe (as long as it's of pure pharmaceutical grade obviously.) [3].

Is it safe for drug tested athletes?
Creatamax X4 is completely safe for drug tested athletes. Maximuscle test each and every batch of all their products using an ISO17025 certified and WADA experienced laboratory.

Where can I buy Creatamax X4?
Creatamax X4 is available from all good stockists, but is available through Muscle bulletin on a special deal.


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