How bad are your gym etiquette manners?

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It doesn’t matter what type of gym you train at, or the cost of membership, you will always get the same type of people with the same annoying habits. Here is a list of my top gym irritations.


Sweat on equipment
This I think is one of the most common gym irritations that everyone can relate to. Everyone sweats, some more than others. This is part and parcel of training, but just because you are swimming in your sweat does not mean that other gym members want to. Next time you go to the gym, please take a towel and clean up after you rself and do not leave your stinking, festering, unhygienic deposits behind.

Mobile phones
I find it hard to understand why would you want your mobile phone on when you are at the gym. You are only there for about an hour, to TRAIN, not talk to your best buddy in the middle of a session and then force everyone who is working out to listen to your conversation. You do not have to tell us all about it. If you want to talk on your phone then please leave the gym.

Hogging equipment whilst chatting
This is a classic and really makes my blood boil. Nothing annoys me more than the people who place their nice little towel on the bench, do one set, then spend the next 15 minutes chatting to a mate. Where does that get you? What are you hoping to achieve at the gym?

Throwing weights
Unless you are a track and field athlete, then you have no need to throw weights around. This should be left to the hammer throwers. If you are at a stage where you are lifting heavy weights, then get fellow trainers to spot you into position and take the weights from you at the end of your set. One exercise that springs into mind is the incline dumbell press. Here the amazingly heavy set is carried out and then with a loud outburst (sounding like they have been stabbed!) the weights are slung to the floor and across the gym. It may make you feel good, and you may think you look good, but please, have respect for other gym users and the equipment you are using. Just because they are not your weights does not mean you can treat them with disrespect.

Excessive screaming
When training with heavy weights or explosively, you tend to get aggressive and will make some sounds. On the other hand there are some trainers who seem to take this to the extreme. They do not seem to realise that if they put the same force into the lift that they do into their screams they would probably be able to lift an extra 10-15lbs!

Not putting weights away or leaving weights on the bar
I am sorry, but there are no excuses for this one. It is like going to the toilet and not flushing it, claiming the reason is because someone will use the toilet after you. You should leave the gym and the equipment how you found it.

Mr Olympia syndrome
I think we can all guess what this irritation is and I bet everyone knows at least one person who suffers from this. I firmly believe that it needs either medication or admittance to a hospital for this one. The quote “He who thinks he is so big is so small” is perfect for this one.

I am talking about the guys who walk around the gym looking like they are carrying footballs under their arms, what is it called ‘imaginary lat syndrome’? Why is there this obsession to walk around like you think you are a Ronnie Coleman? (The Mr Olympia bodybuilder) Look, I know this may come as a shock to you, but when Ronnie Coleman relaxes his lats, he can actually bring his arms down to his side. Do me a favour, and stop walking around all the time like you are on stage!

The heaviest weight competition
For comedy value at the gym it is fantastic. You can spot these people from a mile off. They walk in and head straight for the bench press. There is not even a hint of a warm up and on go the six, 20kg plates. You can see them try to psyche themselves up and then give the countdown from three to one and lift and the bar crashes down onto their chest. For the next 2 minutes, they will wriggle, shout, lift their legs in the air, bodypop and eventually complete the rep. Please, for the small section of you who do this out there, firstly have a thought for your poor spotter who nearly breaks his back for you and secondly, do a weight YOU can press!

Have i missed any other bad habits?

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Simone   |.
I totally agree. Combine all of those and it makes for an irritating gym

Another one to add to the list:
When the guy suffering from
‘imaginary lat syndrome’ deliberately stands infront of you while
you are working out! each and everytime you're at the gym.
Kyle   |.
Or the guy who uses the power rack to do curls instead of taking one of the many
EZ curl bars lying around.

If you're not gonna squat, don't use the only spot
available for other people to do so.
Alexis   |.
our gym has one guy,( also, btw a real screamer) who before he comes in must
lather himself up with about a tonne of Deep Heat or Ralgex or SOMETHING- im not
a sensitive flower girlie by any means- but it stinks out the whole place, makes
my eyes water and i just have to cut my session short. I actually plan my
trainig about when i think he's NOT going to be there.
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