How to split your training goals

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Many people make the mistake of asking their body to adapt in more than one direction at the same time. Instead, it’s far better to split your training goals, and work on them one after the other.


Many competitive endurance athletes do most of their strength work early in their training cycle, and gradually include more aerobic exercise as the competitive season draws closer.

If you’re training to lose fat and build muscle, then focus on one at a time. Expecting to increase your strength every week at the same time as losing fat will lead to frustration and disappointment.

Set yourself one training goal, then work hard to achieve it. For example, you might decide that you want to lose 20lb of fat by the end of March this year. If so, focus all your energy on that goal until you achieve it.

Then, you can choose another goal, such as increasing your bench press by 25lb. But don’t try and do both at the same time.

A useful tip is to always try and add muscle first, as the excess calories you are holding will help build muscle, whilst the increased muscle will also increase your metabolic rate, making your second goal of losing bodyfat easier

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