I train at home with only a barbell, dumbbells, and a bench with a leg extension. Is this enough?

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Although the leg extension does work the quadriceps (the muscles on the front of your thigh), they're a very poor alternative to the squat. You have to make the best of what you’ve got. The fact is that you can still make incredible gains in a less-than-perfect environment.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was serving in the Austrian army, he didn’t have access to a squat rack either! Despite these obstacles, Arnold Schwarzenegger describes his time in the Austrian army as a period when he made much of his best early progress.

"We slept in trenches under the tanks until we were awakened each morning at six. But I had another idea - my buddy and I would get up at five, open the tool compartment of the tanks where we stored our barbells, and exercise for an hour before everyone else woke up. After we finished manoeuvres for the day, we would train for another hour. Finding the time for your workouts is simply a matter of motivation plus imagination."

For example, you can hold a barbell behind you and perform hack squats, which works the legs incredibly well. Deadlifts are another good exercise that will help you develop not only the thigh muscles, but also the upper and lower back. Another great way to train your legs is to go outside and push your car, as if you're bump starting it! When you get bored of normal training, this is a great way to shake up your training and make it more exciting and interesting. Basically, there are plenty of other options for training your legs besides the leg extension. Don't make excuses. Simply train as hard as you can with the equipment that’s available.

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