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Musclebulletin was founded by sports nutrition expert Zef Eisenberg. Zef's goal is to create a destination site where those interested in sport, physique and health can visit and educate themselves on the latest information on training, nutrition, supplementation and industry topics. Zef felt this was an essential project due to the ever growing increase in false information on the web, magazines, newspapers and other media, trying to cash in on the fitness industry – all attempting to confuse the end consumer with the often side effects being no results, loss of motivation and wasting money – with most people never experiencing the benefit of truly effective information which can transform bodies from out of shape to awesome shape.

Musclebulletin is becoming the fastest growing website of its kind, due to its unique relationships, amazing amount of ever growing information and its ethical position and obsessive passion in trying to educate those looking to excel, look good and feel great.

Musclebulletin chooses its partners carefully, only selecting articles from the best writers in their field and only accepting adverts and banners from those companies that it has personally checked out and taken references on.

If you would like to benefit from linking to or be included in the Musclebulletin newsletters, please contact us at the email below. Alternatively, we are always happy to hear from authors of high quality articles on subjects covered in muscle bulletin that are willing to contribute to the highest readership website of its kind in the UK.  

If you own or work for a quality high traffic site that could benefit from Muscle Bulletin traffic, please contact us below to discuss what unique packages we have available.

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