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Whilst buying on the internet is relatively new, Gym World have been selling fitness and exercise equipment for 25 years. With 100's of products in their warehouses and the lowest UK prices, they are one of the best suppliers of gym equipment on the web.

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Develop grip strength that can explode full beer cans - read the full article

How good is your grip? Can you explode cans of spinach like Popeye? Crush apples or pop beer cans? Amazing as these feats sound, some people can! Awesome grip strength has always been the marker of true strength. I’ve never seen a big powerful guy with a weak wet fish grip.

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6 reasons why kettlebell training is worth trying - read the full article

It is entirely possible that you haven’t heard about kettlebell training yet. However, I’m guessing that’s unlikely since even the latest Rocky, at an age when most men think that lifting their TV remote is hard work, was seen hoisting them in his latest exploits. The cast of “300″ also swung them about as a major part of their training regime and kettlebells are increasingly being used by athletes, film stars and the military. So what are they, why the upsurge in popularity, and most important of all, what can they do for you?

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