I found this site very helpful and informative towards my weight training program, thanks
Chris Atkin

Excellent source of information for me, someone just starting to build up and tone muscle!
Louise Gilding

After a lot of reading through the fantastic number of articles on your site I have taken a lot of your advice on board in the past month since I've started training.
David Lloyd Williams.

I'd trained for around 9 years before I had a neck injury, not training related, as a result of the injury I couldn't train for some time and ended up spending around 4 years away from the gym. As a result all my hard work slowly started to dissappear and now I've started training again and have been training for the past couple of months. I appreciate any advice on how to get the shape size and tone back.
Nick Bowman.

Wow.. thank you for such a speedy reply – hope you have a great day.
Christian Landolt

THANKS took not of what you said i will pass it on to my weight training budies give me more please.
Gazza, Scotland

Great articles! I'm an canoeing athlete and need to be in good shape all year to have good results in the races... My trainings are more of endurance because I do marathons in K1 and K2 but in the pre-season we need to gain a lot of strength so this training is an excellent way for me to put up the weights in the gym...
Marcio Canoagem, Madeira, Portugal.

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